What’s On the Grill? – Grilling Tips to Cook Expert Backyard Steaks

Planning on grilling this summer? Turn up the heat with some expert tips from Chef Harding at the Grill Room.

Grilling is more than a science, it’s an art. Guys, we know this subject is intense and everyone has their own path to steak perfection, but there are a few techniques and need-to-knows that can turn your grill from great to glorious.

1. Patience is a Steak Virtue

You may well know that it takes time to cook a killer steak, but do you practice what you preach? The easiest way to mess with perfection is to mess with your steak before it’s had a chance to transform into perfection. A well-tended steak is a steak left alone. Get the timing down. No peeking, poking or prodding to “check” the meat. Trust your grill, check the temperature and time it right. You’ll never get a good sear if you’re treating it like a pancake and you’ll end up with a sticky mess on the grill to boot.

2. Bring the Heat

A piping hot grill is the path to steak nirvana. Getting your surface extremely hot before placing your steak on the grill will give you the power to quickly sear it to lock in the juicy flavor. If you timed it right and the steak still sticks it’s time to check your temperature.

3. Pitch the Fork

Who doesn’t want to stab a beautiful side of backyard beef with a super sharp, double-pronged fork? Why do they sell those if you’re not supposed to stab the steak? While it’s fun to wield, your meat will suffer the consequences. Each time you jab your fillet, you are giving the juice an exit strategy. Grab the tongs and keep those juices in check.

4. Don’t Dig Right In

Like a good wine, your steak needs a few minutes to find flavor perfection. By giving your steak three to four minutes before making the first cut you are giving the juices time to redistribute and thicken. So, though it’s hard, give it the time it needs and you’ll be well on your way to being a master backyard barbequer.

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